Zephyr Prime Relics – How To Farm

Zephyr Prime has finally made its arrival to the drop tables, and all the Warframe losers who have been waiting for the frame can play with it. Upon its arrival, Vauban Prime, Aksilleto Prime and Fragor Prime have entered the prime vault and cannot be obtained anymore.

Zephyr Prime Relics

  • Neo K1 – Zephyr Prime Chasis (Uncommon)
  • Lith Z1 – Zephyr Prime Systems (Rare)
  • Neo Z1 – Zephyr Prime Blueprint (Rare)
  • Lith H2 – Zephyr Prime Neuroptics (Common)

Obtaining the relics is pretty easy, you just have to get on the grind. Make sure to find yourself a squad and run a few radshares to get the rare part.

Farming Zephyr Prime

The relics have been mentioned above, you can start farming for the relics in the desired locations that they drop in.

My favourite locations are

  • Derelict Defense and Surival for Lith Relics
  • Jupiter, IO for Meso Relics
  • and Hieracon, Pluto for Axi relics

Within a couple of hours, you should be able to grind out the full Zephyr Prime set. It is upto you to sell it or keep it for yourself, I personally sold a few sets and made easy some easy platinum *pro tip right here*.