These games are leaving the Xbox Game Pass this month

The current subscription of Xbox Game Pass library consists of 217 games, the subscription costs $9.99 a month. As usual Xbox has chosen to keep the important AAA titles in the library, only four are leaving.

Games leaving the game pass:

Kingdom: New Lands – Kingdom new lands is a award winning title that offers a kingdom building simulation experience to the players. You’ll come across various things such as NPC’s, challenges, and mysterious statues.

Late Shift – High stakes FMV crime thriller that offers choice based progression. You progress as you choose. The cinematic experience offered by the game is amazing. The game had raving reviews.

Portal Knights – Survival RPG announced back in 2016 as early access on Steam, came to console later on. The game offers crafting, 3D sanbox action, character leveling and much more.

last on the list is…

Sacred Citadel – The only game which was launched back in 2013.

All of the titles which are retiring are currently on sale and can be obtained by the current game pass subscribers to retain their progression.