Apex Legends Slow Walk Bug – How To Fix

Apex Legends is a popular game these days and many players just loving this game and smashing other player’s records. Despite having the latest technology used in this game, the players are facing some issues with it. A recent slow walk bug has been reported by most of the players. According to the gamers, they are not able to run after being revived and the same problem occurs again and again while playing.

Apex Legends Slow Walk Bug

Apex Legends Slow Walk Bug - How To Fix 1

The only solution to this problem is to jump off the map or die normally so that your game partner can collect your beacon and bring you back to the game. When you are back in the game, you will be able to move normally.

However, if the problem is about slow-motion then there is no solution. Or, if you are being downed, upon being revived then, you can find yourself stuck in the situation. The reason behind this issue is still not found but the developers are working on it.

You can reset the movement speed by respawning. However, this is an awkward fix but if it can resolve your issue then why to think more?  Before doing this, players are advised to remove the body armor. This will speed up the process- permitting yourself to bleed out, and then having your game partners take your banner to t respawn beacon. Once you are returned to the game, your movement should be normal now.

As the reason behind this problem is not found, therefore, there is no permanent or fixed solution. You can just try these methods to avoid or overcome the current situation. If the player doesn’t move when the other person revives at the player then this problem will not occur. This is one of the best methods to avoid this problem.

This may seem you vulnerable for a particular period of time. But, you have no other option. Therefore, try out these tricks and prevent yourself from getting into this bug. Hopefully, somewhere you have found the solution.