Animated Explainer Videos: Why They Stand out

This article has been written by Nishkarsh Sharma from Blisstro Videos. Blisstro creates amazing and affordable animated explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos are the best type of explainer videos. They are fascinating, knowledgeable, attention captivating etc.

There exist a lot of other types of explainer videos but the animated ones certainly stand out. Animated videos are mostly fully customizable. Their customizability works for the flexibility towards the brand. The brand can adjust, change, throw or put in anything that they want.

They are user friendly and very easily understandable. They help in explaining hard to tell hypothetical ideas into easy literal forms.

This article will discuss the reasons that talk answers why animated videos stand out? So, here we go:

Ease up complex ideas

This is the very first and very important aspect of why do animated videos stand out. Animated videos are a great way of easing up complex ideas. The ideas that are hard to explain are broken down into simpler components and served.

It is a very necessary parameter because the whole of viewership will never be able to comprehend such an idea.

It also helps in reducing the noise out of an idea. A single idea consist of a great many things. Animated videos help in removing them all and just serving the right things.

Appealing and infotaining

Animated explainer videos are very appealing and contains a lot of information with entertainment.

These videos are appealing in the senses of their characters. Most of the animated videos consist of a character. The viewers relate to these characters and find some usability in the product.

They contain a lot of information about a brand while being entertainment too. It is a very necessary aspect because that is what attracts viewers.


This aspect talks about the availability and the easy sharing methods of animated videos. Another reason that animated videos can be considered ‘outstanding’ is that they can be shared on different platforms easily.

The video marketing methods put your video in wide availability. This wide availability happens because of the aspects of shareability.

Better SEO rankings

Animated videos help in achieving better SEO ranks. The content of these videos consists of easily and well searched keywords. These keywords help in putting up your video on better SEO rankings.

The animated videos will promote your brand in a manner that is very useful. The manner would help in searching for your brand and the video easy.

Attention captivating

Studies have proven that the random people surfing online have an attention span of 8 seconds. It is a very hard task to grab someone’s attention in that time. But animated explainer videos are so amusing that they have done it and they always do it.

People stumble upon these videos and they watch it till the end.

These are a few reasons why animated explainer videos stand out from other explainer videos. These may be few, but they substantiate the fact enough.